“ Whoever builds a Mosque, desiring thereby Allāh’s (Most High) pleasure, Allāh builds for him the like of it in paradise.” ( Sahih Bukhari )

Mosque Building

Indonesia is the biggest Moslem country in the world where the population of people hold Islam is the largest of all countries. No wonder that there are thousands of mosques you will find when you visit Indonesia. Mosque-building program in Indonesia is not something new. There are many organizations which have been doing their best to build mosque as many as they can. The role of mosque in Indonesia is very important. Many activities are conducted in a mosque. Hence, civilizations are created through many activities conducted in mosque as well.

Why is it so important to run mosque building program ? Mosque has very important role for Moslem as well as for Indonesian Moslem. Here are the functions of mosque:

For Prayer

By referring to the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad, mosque functions as the place for prayers. For Moslem, praying in mosque is much better than at home because Allah promise a greater reward. People these days are so busy doing business to other towns (for example). Hence, they need to find a place for prayers on their way. With the existance of mosque in every corner including on a highways, it eases Moeslem to pray on time.  

For education

Either in Indonesia and other countries, mosque is the centre of education as well. For your information, Moslem has developed Islamic civilizations through education in the mosques. In Indonesia, mosque is used for education for young learners such as learning to read Quran. However, Prophet Muhammad made a clear point that mosque shouldn’t be used for selling or buying activities. In general, it’s not the place to gain material things.

For Socialization

Mosque in Indonesia is also used for socialization. Islamic communities are often gathered to discuss about important issues. These communities also gather to plan a donation, or social acts to help others. When there is a disaster, mosque is also used as a temporary camp for the victims. Hence, the role of mosque is broad. That’s why it helps to build Islamic civilization.

Alloh has promised us that whoever build a mosque in dunya will be given a house in Jannah. Allah never breaks His promise so it’s time for us to take a chance. Donating your money to mosque-building will bring huge barakah. The rewards of building a mosque will keep flowing for entire life. Hence, once you contribute to mosque-building, your rewards will lighten your life and death. In the after life, it will help you to get closer to Jannah as Allah promised.

Furthermore, it is important to build mosque especially in a large-Moeslem country like Indonesia. Mosque plays important role to the civilization in Indonesia as Islam is the dominant religion. Thus, if you care about Moslem, you can donate to help mosque building program running well. There are many mosques in Indonesia that needs to be built or renovated. However, there are also many of the process of building and renovating distracted due to lack of financial support. Hence, donating your money even a little will give significant value for the program.